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PubMed Aboriginal Australian Nursing

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The right story to the right person : communication issues in end-of-life care for Indigenous people. 14 December 2012 422
National comparative curriculum evaluation of baccalaureate nursing degrees: a framework for the practice based professions. 14 December 2012 439
An innovative nurse education program in the Torres Strait Islands. 14 December 2012 422
Obstetric outcomes among rural Aboriginal Victorians. 14 December 2012 512
Aboriginal mothers, breastfeeding and smoking. 14 December 2012 403
Home haemodialysis in remote Australia. 14 December 2012 407
Factors associated with the initiation of breast-feeding by Aboriginal mothers in Perth. 14 December 2012 432
An holistic economic evaluation of an Aboriginal community-controlled midwifery programme in Western Sydney. 14 December 2012 460
Post operative pain experiences of central Australian aboriginal women. What do we understand? 14 December 2012 408
Coronary heart disease in Aboriginal communities: towards a model for self-management. 14 December 2012 409
Co-operative inquiry: the development of a visual impairment prevention program initiative for two Aboriginal communities in South Australia. 14 December 2012 422
Desert babies. Aboriginal birthing in central Australia. 14 December 2012 460
The maternity experiences of indigenous women admitted to an acute care setting. 14 December 2012 397
Developing strategies to gather information about the maternity experiences of indigenous women in an acute care setting. 14 December 2012 399
Sharing the true stories: improving communication between Aboriginal patients and healthcare workers. 14 December 2012 406
Addressing aboriginal health inequalities. 14 December 2012 394
The diabetes health care of Aboriginal people in South Australia (Part 2). 14 December 2012 424
The diabetes health care of Aboriginal people in South Australia (Part 1). 14 December 2012 409
Australian Indigenous mental health. 14 December 2012 412
Diabetic foot care: developing culturally appropriate educational tools for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Northern Territory, Australia. 14 December 2012 535
Australian Aboriginal trainee health service management program: a new initiative. 14 December 2012 427