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RACGP ~ Aboriginal Health Workers

Guidelines for use

The RACGP recommend that facilitators using this video should have completed a cross cultural workshop and that ideally they should be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Users of this video should be aware of the key points below and be able to respond to any relevant questions. The NACCHO Affiliates in their state or territory should be approached for advice.

The video highlights the critical role of Aboriginal Health Workers around the country. They are the frontline in delivering effective primary health care to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community across a broad range of services and locations.

Aboriginal Health workers share their experiences and talk about the diversity of their role and what this can means to them in terms of:

  • The confidentiality and trust of the patient
  • The importance of being local and knowing the community
  • The significance of their professional and cultural roles
  • Knowing how to communicate with Aboriginal patients and also knowing what not to say
  • Care being family focused not just patient focused
  • Espousing cultural safety in a health care setting



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