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RACGP ~ Cross Cultural Awareness

Guidelines for use

The RACGP recommend that facilitators using this video should have completed a cross cultural workshop and that ideally they should be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Users of this video should be aware of the key points below and be able to respond to any relevant questions. The NACCHO Affiliates in their state or territory should be approached for advice.

The opening scene shows one family's experience of the 1967 Referendum and its impact on Aboriginal people on pastoral stations. The video shows vignettes of Aboriginal people from all over Australia. They stress the need to be aware of Australian history since colonization and speak candidly about what influence this has had on Aboriginal peoples' life chances.

Cultural ignorance based on false perceptions and attitudes and presumed professional roles interferes with communication and the doctor-patient relationship. This power differential can be detrimental to the doctor-patient relationship if abused.

The key points made in the video include:

  • The importance of being tolerant and non-judgmental
  • The significance of introducing country and family
  • The use of jargon and language
  • Hints and cues, gestures and body language, silence, eye contact
  • Reluctance to talk to the doctor and the time required to build trust and acceptance
  • Option of having an Aboriginal Health worker assist in the consultation

Duration 17 Minutes



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