RACGP ~ Doctors in Aboriginal Health

Guidelines for use

The RACGP recommend that facilitators using this video should have completed a cross cultural workshop and that ideally they should be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Users of this video should be aware of the key points below and be able to respond to any relevant questions. The NACCHO Affiliates in their state or territory should be approached for advice.

A group of doctors working in Aboriginal health share their experiences about:

  • The real challenge of working in an environment where the doctor is not the centre of the service
  • Working in an environment that is both rewarding and satisfying
  • Gaining a first hand appreciation of a living dynamic culture
  • The importance of the primary health care model in making a difference to the health status of a section of the Australian population with an enormous burden of disease and ill-health
  • Primary Health Care and the range of public health programs available
  • The challenge of using skills that doctors would not normally use in a "healthy" population
  • An opportunity to see diseases that are not the standard GP presentations
  • Committed to the cause of altogether - Doctor and Aboriginal Health Worker

Other issues central to the video are:

  • The effects of government policies on Aboriginal ill-health
  • The role of Traditional Healers
  • Identify the "at risk" early and introduce early interventions
  • Pathology you'll never see anywhere else
  • Health definition - Life is Health is Life

Duration 15 Minutes



(c) The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)