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RACGP ~ Insight into Aboriginal Community Control

Guidelines for use

The RACGP recommend that facilitators using this video should have completed a cross cultural workshop and that ideally they should be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Users of this video should be aware of the key points below and be able to respond to any relevant questions. The NACCHO Affiliates in their state or territory should be approached for advice.

This video has been designed to provide participants with an insight into health services that are controlled by the local Aboriginal community. The video highlights the historical and continuing role of these services in improving the health status of Aboriginal people, and in some communities, Torres Strait Islander people.

The video portrays Aboriginal Health Workers talking about the establishment of their local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service. They also highlight how this movement has spread Australia-wide from the first service established at Redfern, Sydney in 1971 to over 121 services today.

The video explores commonalities, diversity, cultural principles, protocols and practices of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.


Before viewing the video ask by a show of hands how many in the audience have actually worked in one of these services.

The facilitator should understand the concept of:

  • Aboriginal self-determination and decision making
  • Aboriginal Primary Health Care in action and team work in this environment
  • The holistic approach to health
  • Definition of 'health' as viewed by NACCHO
  • Community elected Board of Management
  • The integral part that Aboriginal Health Workers have in these services

Duration 12 Minutes

(c) The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)